April 2022 Meeting

Power Automate Techniques that "Saved Our Bacon" with Sandra Mahan & Tom Duff

April 14th, 11:30 am

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Topic: Power Automate Techniques that “Saved Our Bacon”
Location: via Microsoft Teams
Speaker: Sandra Mahan & Tom Duff
Cost: FREE

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Topic Details

You’re ready to start building workflows in Power Automate… how hard can it be? You’ve been building SharePoint Designer workflows for years. Well, we hate to break it to you… some things that should be hard are easy, and some things that should be easy… aren’t. Join Chefs Sandra and Tom as they “dish up” some techniques they found while learning to think in Power Automate terms instead of SharePoint Designer. While some dishes are definitely not as easy as they were in “the good old days”, you can get similar results in Power Automate if you learn to view things in different ways. Keep in mind that we are *not* experts by any stretch… we’ve spent a lot of time searching and experimenting to find answers that work. You should come away from this session with two or three “recipes” that can help you serve up Power Automate flows that will deliver real value to your business and make your customers happy.

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Speaker Details

Sandra Mahan is a Microsoft 365 Administrator for a large health insurance company in the pacific northwest. She has been working with SharePoint since 2012 and thoroughly enjoys it. Prior to working in IT, she spent 20 years in Human Resources. She’s spoken at several conferences and SharePoint Saturdays and enjoys sharing what she’s learned and helping others get the most out of the technology.

Thomas Duff (aka “Duffbert”) works for a large health insurance company in the Pacific Northwest, and has over 25 years of experience working with and developing applications with collaborative technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Lotus Notes. He works closely with the business customers, translating their needs and ideas into technology solutions, filtering them from the “techno-speak” that often creates barriers between business and IT areas. He is a two-time published author on instant messaging technologies, and has written a large number of articles for various technology publications. He’s spoken at local and international user group gatherings and large conferences, and he also maintains a blog for Office productivity tips at http://OneMinuteOfficeMagic.com.


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