July 2023 Meeting

Integrating with REST APIs using Microsoft Kiota

July 20th, 11:30 am Central

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Topic: Integrating with REST APIs using Microsoft Kiota
Location: Online
Speaker: Vincent Biret, Microsoft & Sébastien Levert, Microsoft
Cost: FREE

Topic Details

Your application integration with 3rd party APIs can be difficult if your application platform does not offer SDKs for calling the APIs. Implementation of authentication, authorization, serialization, and exception handling for calling APIs adds a lot of work and risk to your project. Join us for a session filled with demos that showcase how to generate your own personalized SDK client for a complete OpenAPI spec in multiple programming languages with the help of Microsoft Kiota. By using your new personalized client that is generated by Kiota, all the complex aspects of calling APIs get handled for you automatically so that you could concentrate on what really counts: creating value for your end users.

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Speaker Details

Sébastien Levert
Sebastien is a Senior Product Manager on the Microsoft Graph Developer Experiences team where he is focusing on Kiota, the Microsoft Graph SDKs and the Microsoft Graph Toolkit.

Vincent Biret
Developer, international speaker, and blogger, I’m working on client SDKs generation for OpenAPI. I also have experience to share about APIs design, software development, and automation. I’m thrilled to share moments with you speaking about technology!


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