March 2023 Meeting

Approvals in Microsoft Teams with Marcin Siewnicki

March 16th, 11:30 am

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Topic: Approvals in Microsoft Teams
Location: Online
Speaker: Marcin Siewnicki
Cost: FREE

Topic Details

Approvals play important role in documents life-cycle, projects, company processes, IT management and many other areas. It’s really hard to imagine company without any approval process. Holiday requests, project proposals, agreements, IT requests and more.
With latest updates Microsoft Teams become powerful approval center.
In this session I will go through approval options available in Teams and show how to use them and when.
In details:
• Available approval options in Teams
• What is Approval app
• Integration with Teams
• Management options

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Speaker Details

Marcin Siewnicki
I am Microsoft 365 consultant and architect. I create applications and solutions that improve and facilitate work using Power Platform, SharePoint, and Teams. My adventure in IT began in 2005. Since then I have been creating and implementing business applications based on SharePoint and Microsoft 365 platforms. I am a big fan of task and process automation (Power Automate) and Modern Workplace platforms (Microsoft Teams). Privately a husband, father of 2 sons. Fan of science fiction and cyberpunk, futurist. I co-organize the SharePoint Saturday Warsaw conference and speak at Microsoft’s community events.


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